1. Social network

Bitrix24 provides tools for task management, document sharing, and time tracking integrated into just this type of social interface for maximum efficiency of communications and work.

The Activity Stream covers all production, social, and mixed-function sections of the intranet. Each employee can stay aware of what is going on, contribute to discussions, and, importantly, choose what types of updates to display.

The company can have any number of photo albums, and each user and workgroup can, as well. Upload files quickly with the convenient bulk loader, like photos, and add comments.

You can start a private conversation with one or many colleagues, adding additional participants at any time. Private messages can also be sent through the Instant Messenger

Announcements are shown in the light yellow block in the top right corner of the main page. Announcements remain visible to users until they mark them as read.

Người sử dụng có thể thực hiện đăng nhập vào Hệ thống Bitrix24 của công ty bằng các tài khoản mạng xã hội của người sử dụng nhờ tính năng tích hợp chặt chẽ các mạng xã hội với Bitrix24.

2. Project Management and Tasks

Project and tasks

Any project can have a dedicated group where all of the files, discussions, and tasks pertaining to that project are stored and accessed only by those users who are relevant to the project. Time spent on each task within the project can be tracked, and tasks are integrated into the group calendar. Furthermore, projects can be created in the Extranet, so clients or partners can participate fully in them.

Task Reports

Task Reports are an easy way to learn how much time an employee spends on a certain task or project. You can also see how many tasks are still being worked on, and how many of them are already fulfilled.

Gantt chart

Tasks and subtasks can be viewed in a Gantt chart with status, responsible person, and chronological relationships. This gives a full picture of the progression of the project at a single glance, and helps identify potential or existing delays. Once a task is created, it can still be modified directly from the table or Gantt chart.


Any combination of employees can be collected into a workgroup which contains all the social networking and organizational tools needed to optimize operations and utilize the highly efficient communications methods available in Bitrix24. Each group is like a miniature intranet, that not only stores important files and data, but which serves as a platform for discussions, tasks, tracking, and planning.

Workload management

Bitrix24 provides Gantt charts that help managers see the full picture of project progress and plan work. Task tracking helps to archive tasks - work that requires attention and memorization simplifies the supervisor's job.

External Users

The Extranet access provides a secure, separate space where workgroups can be shared with external users such as clients, partners, freelancers and other service providers. All of the same functionality is available in Extranet groups, but these third parties are able only to see the workgroups which they are a part of, and the various users of those groups.

3. Document Management

Uploading your shared files to Bitrix24 will make them accessible in a powerful document management system. Presentations, documents, videos, and any other files can be placed for download, collaboration, or private use. Most importantly, you can find any document quickly through the internal search.


You can work in Bitrix24 without an office suite! Thanks to integration with Google Docs, Office 365 and MS Office Online you can create text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations right in your web browser! You can add your documents to a task or a discussion in the Activity Stream.
The build-in tools provide you with an easy access to any documents in your Bitrix24. You can open, view, and edit documents stored on your Bitrix24 portal via a Google and/or Microsoft (Live ID, Office 365) account. Documents can be edited simultaneously by multiple users.

 Private & Shared Documents

My Drive is a personal file storage to which colleagues do not have access to. Employees can place private files here in complete confidence. However, files stored here can shared in several ways.

 Instant Search

Bitrix24 contains a powerful search feature which indexes documents, records, messages, comments, and other information. New content is indexed immediately and shows up in search results as soon as it is uploaded.

Approval Workflows

Bitrix24 lets you create custom document workflows for draft submissions, contract revisions, majority vote, multistage approval, expert opinion and so on.

4. Cloud drive

 Central Entry Point

"My Drive" is a centralized access point for all files in Bitrix24 that you want to work with. All your personal files, any Group Drives that you’ve chose to connect, as well as shared folders and documents that you’ve been given access to are conveniently located in a single place.
When you set up Bitrix24.Drive from the desktop app, the synchronization is specifically with “My Drive” and all of its contents.

Cloud – PC integration

Once you install Bitrix24.Drive on your Windows or Mac computer, you will be able to synchronize selected files and folders stored in the Bitrix24 cloud or the self-hosted version on your PC and the other way around.
The Bitrix24.Drive desktop app integrates with Windows Explorer and Mac Finder, making it possible to view and access files stored on your PC directly from the installed app.

Easy Statistics

Bitrix24.Drive in the desktop app shows how much cloud space you are using, the list of recently updated or changed files, including dates and the name of the person who created or edited each document. A synchronization bar is located in the upper right corner of the app, making it easy to see if any files are being currently synchronized.

 Secure Files and Folders Sharing

Bitrix24.Drive lets you share files with anyone inside or outside your company without compromising security thanks to password and time restriction options.

It’s Just A Tap Away

No PC? No problem. You can always access your files from any mobile device that has Bitrix24 app installed. All popular document formats (XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX) are supported.

5. Human Resource

Human resource management system

You can use Bitrix24 as a free human resources management system (HRMS) for your company with all the core HRMS features.

People around You

In Bitrix24, people are the center of attention. In the employee directory, you can easily find contact information or filter the list to find the right person for your inquiry. Aside from being a popular and convenient tool inside the system, the employee directory allows export to Excel and synchronization with Outlook and CardDAV

Time Management

The time management system installs discipline in the work schedule without creating a high pressure atmosphere. Clocking in, clocking out, and breaks are transparently recorded.

Work Reports

You can easily set up reporting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Bitrix24 reminds employees to send reports, and the contents of daily planner are helpfully included and can be edited before sending the final report.

Collaboration in the Extranet

Bitrix24 allows collaborative work not only with coworkers, but also with external users – partners, clients, contractors, etc. Inviting external users is as easy as inviting them to a workgroup, and after they have joined, these third party users are visible in a separate list, so that you can always be aware of who is working in the Extranet.

6.Customer relationship management

The CRM in Bitrix24 provides a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts. Bitrix24's CRM forms a contact base where the interaction and the history of contacts are managed and stored.

Managing Interaction

The CRM contains instruments to create reports, import/export contacts, carry out analysis, and to perform segmentation of the target audience as precisely as needed.


Customizable fields.
Customizable statuses.
Add items from product catalog or manually.
Flexible taxes and discounts.
Convert quotes to CRM documents (invoices).
Print or email quotes.

Invoices inside the CRM

The CRM in Bitrix24 allows you to create personalized invoices instantly. Client data from the Bitrix24 CRM are automatically inserted into an invoice - just select the appropriate Contact or Lead. Recurring invoices are supported.

Mobile CRM

The CRM is accessible in the Mobile App so you can find the information you need while on the move. Bitrix24 Mobile CRM allows creation or editing of CRM entries and invoices directly from a mobile device.

Email Marketing

Bitrix24 CRM. Send individual or group emails to a list of leads, contacts, or companies. Each CRM manager can use a separate email account or you can assign a single email address to be used by all.

Calls to clients

Calls to clients can be made directly from the CRM using IP telephony via Zingaya VoxImplant.

Access Rights and Roles in CRM

You can assign access to CRM elements in a very flexible way, dividing them among company employees at any stage of the customer engagement process

Integration with your Website

You can easily integrate this free CRM with your website. Bitrix24 lead capture tools, such as live chat, website forms or callback widget all come with embed code that works with any CMS or ecommerce platform – no coding necessary! Additional integration options are available via REST API.

7. Integrated application

Mobile application
Bitrix24's mobile application functions as a mobile intranet portal, mobile CRM and a mobile HRMS system. Once you install the Bitrix24 app on your smartphone or tablet.
Stay connected
If you work away from the office a lot, you are sure to appreciate the fact that Bitrix24 tools are available on smartphones and tablets as well as PCs. And if your internet connection is spotty – that’s no problem, because Bitrix24 mobile app has offline work mode.
Mobile tasks
You can create new tasks and work with existing ones right from your favorite mobile device. If you have a long list of tasks, you can use filters to sort the ones that require your immediate attention. Liking, delegating, deferring, approving, completing and pausing tasks as well as viewing documents attached to tasks can be done from your mobile.
Mobile documents
The files you store in Bitrix24 are automatically available on your mobile device. You can access all company, group and shared files that you have permission rights for. You can open XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, PPT, and PPTX documents directly on your mobile device to read a resume or view a presentation. Built-in search helps you find the right document even if your portal stores tens of thousands of files.
Real Time Communications
When you write a message to your colleagues who are outside the office, they will get an instant push-notification on their phones. Push notifications work even when the app is closed, thanks to proprietary Bitrix Cloud Messaging technology.
Track your schedule
The mobile calendar lets you keep track of your scheduled events and make sure you never miss an important meeting. You can use it to:
-View your schedule
-Create new events
-Invite your colleagues to events
-Accept or decline invitations from others.
Mobile CRM
Bitrix24 app doubles as a fully featured mobile CRM. You can use it to:
-Access client database or product catalog
-View all current CRM activities
-Create or edit contacts, leads, companies or deals
-Change statuses for CRM entities
-Create and send invoices

8. Other features

Access limitations by IP

You can choose to allow individual users and departments to access the service only from chosen IP addresses.

Web Forms

The Web Forms module provides functions for creating and publishing web forms (surveys, request and comment forms etc.). With Web Forms you can gather any type of data inside and outside your company in a most convenient way!


The e-Learning feature allows you to create online training courses, conduct tests, and validate users.


Bitrix24 integrates closely with communication tasks and work schedules on MS Outlook (two-way synchronization with SOAP-based SharePoint). Bitrix24's products also support Directory/LDAP logon, integrating your portal with central data management methods.


This feature is very useful, allowing you to separate versions of the inland network portal for each department or department. This function is specially designed for companies with multiple regional offices and branches that need to have high autonomy


Bitrix24 comes with a professional helpdesk service that lets you organize technical support services and create a transparent and efficient system for service requests. Support tickets can be created by filling out a special form in the intranet, or via email using a mailbox set up to handle the creation of support tickets.