We are confident to bring customers an optimal experience, suitable for the actual needs of all businesses in many fields with really attractive implementation costs when compared to the efficiency brought.


With a team of leading experts in the field of technology and corporate social networks, we are confident and committed that we can advise and provide companies and businesses with the best and the most suitable solutions at the most competitive prices.


With experience in deploying corporate social networking services, CRM, website management for many businesses in Vietnam, ADIGITRANS supports the implementation of corporate social networks, enterprise operation management solutions on the server system of all businesses. We ensure that the software system will be operated perfectly.


We provide customized support services to suit the characteristics of each company and business. ADIGITRANS has many years of experience customizing applications to be able to fully meet the requirements of businesses


After implementing the products, we provide professional training and training services to users and administrators. In addition, we provide single and independent on-demand training services on the modules of products.


• Distributing Bitrix24 license and genuine technical support packages.

• Bitrix24 Maintenance - Monitoring, backup and technical support.

• Document flow in Bitrix24 - A ready-made solution for organizing document flow.

• Bitrix24 CRM - Optimization of work with clients.

• Business processes - Automation and optimization of business processes. Optimization of business processes & workflows.

• Migration from Cloud to On-premise - We help with the transition of portals from cloud to On-premise.

• Performance audit - We find and solve problems in hardware, portal configurations and code.

• Pre-design analysis - we develop documentation for implementation and customization.

• Advising customers on the procurement of server systems suitable to Bitrix24 deployment needs.

• Installation, configuration and optimization of Bitrix24 on the customer server.

• Deploying and configuring features of Bitrix24. Integration with a website and payment systems.

• Training - Teaching the basics and advanced of working with Bitrix24.

• Bitrix24 Applications - We expand the capabilities of cloud editions. Developing REST API applications.

• Integrating Bitrix24 platform with ERP, CRM, HRM, DMS, BI, POS, Telephony, Chatbot and Social Marketing... systems in the market.

• Customization of Bitrix24 portal of cloud version and server installation with any type of customization and settings.

• Building business management solutions for specific business areas on Bitrix24 platform.

• Bitrix24 implementation. Some illustration services:


To meet the needs of our customers, we have developed products and seamlessly integrate solutions with ERP, CRM, HRM, DMS, BI, POS, Telephony, Chatbot and Social Marketing systems... for customers in many different business fields. Some of our solutions:


Offering outgoing and incoming calls directly from the Bitrix24 interface, via WebRTC/SIP protocol, to and from the customers

Messaging-Subsytem Optimization

Optimizing and stabilizing the speed of sending and receiving messages between members of the client company, through the messaging interface of Bitrix24. Integration with other chat applications.


- Providing a service that simplifies the authentication process between the client company's Bitrix24 and external applications that communicate with the company's Bitrix24, via the Oauth2 protocol.


Provide user's facial recognition and GPS location service via mobile phone This application can be run standalone for HRM of customer or integrated with Bitrix24 as needed.

Zalo Messenger

Providing two-way integration and synchronization services between Zalo Offical and Bitrix24. When your customers contact you via Zalo application, Bitrix24 will receive information from Zalo on Open Channel so you can talk to customers and create Leads and customer information on CRM.


Providing OmniFaces-based attendance or other time attendance by fingerprint or face recognition services to provide data to customer HRMs.


Provide an integrated solution between Bitrix24 and Odoo's accounting, inventory, customer care and human resources modules.

Email Marketing

Integrate email marketing solutions via API with Bitrix24 to automate email delivery and customer care processes.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Integrate Bitrix24 with Microsoft Dynamics to synchronize production, sales, sales, and logistics processes.


Integrating Bitrix24 with Infolog for logistics and supplier management.

Asset Management

Asset management application in the Bitix24 platform to help customers manage the cycles related to procurement, management, use, inventory and liquidation of assets.

Administrative Management

Administrative management application in Bitix24 platform to help customers manage administrative activities, contracts, incoming and outgoing dispatches and other administrative documents as needed.

Recruit Management

Recruitment management application in Bitix24 platform to help customers manage recruitment processes such as: Searching for candidates, posting job postings, receiving recruitment documents, approving resumes, interviewing candidates, approving applications.

Human resource Management

The human resource management application in the Bitix24 platform will help customers manage HR processes such as: Personnel information, leave management, timekeeping management and work reports...

Expenses Management

Expenses Management is designed to track expenses incurred by your employees in Bitrix24. Now you can efficiently track and receive expense reports submitted by your employees, as well as provide your feedback.

Commission Management

Commission Management allows you to calculate commissions for salesman in Bitrix24 CRM.


Providing two-way integration and synchronization service between TANCA and Bitrix24 so that users can do timekeeping and payroll in Bitrix24 or TANCA.


Providing integration of Freshdesk and Bitrix24 CRM. The work and discuss on Freshdesk support tickets will be synchronized with the customer's Company based on the contact email on the Bitrix24 system.


The Time Doctor Chrome extension makes it easy to integrate time tracking with Bitrix24. You can easily keep track of how much time and effort is being spent by a team member on a particular Bitrix24 task or project.


Customers can send customer care messages on Zalo according to campaigns for customer groups in Bitrix24 CRM. The results of ZNS campaigns are also tracked and listed in the dashboard when integrated with Bitrix24.


The application allows to create a button to place an electronic signature in Bitrix24 CRM and the workflow, to paste the electronic signature into a Word or PDF file. Administrators can create and issue signatures for users. Expected product release in September 2021.